Special Replacement Window Internet Offer

What should a Good Replacement Window really cost?

Isn’t it a shame that this question is SUCH a mystery. I mean really…how is it, in the “information age”, that people have no idea what it costs to replace their windows?

The answer: MOST replacement window companies do NOT want you to know.

Most window companies do not feature any kind of price in their advertisements or websites. Instead, they wait until the end of a high pressure demonstration, to write down their price on a piece of paper, then begin offering you “discounts”. The question you should ask is: why are the prices so mysterious?

What about windows for “$189”?

Some window companies advertise one price: the cheapest price available. They don’t advertise or talk about any of the ‘good’ windows; just the cheapest. Let me ask you: When’’s the last time you got a good deal (i.e.- quality product at a fair price) buying the absolute cheapest product? In ANYTHING?

And as a window retailer, I’’ve probably got a lot of enemies in “‘the club” ’for talking about this. Well I don’t care. I care about providing a quality product and service, and earning an honest living. I care about creating a company that is strong enough to support the work we’ve done through our warranties.

I happen to believe that FAIR pricing is better than the ‘cheapest, guaranteed’. It works in almost every other area of life. Why would windows be any different?

So let’s talk about the “$189 LIE”

Window companies that like to promote a $189 window have a dirty little secret. They don’t sell any $189 windows.

Why you ask? Because the $189 is a price to get you to call them. And once you do…their job is to make sure you DON’T buy a $189 window.

I mean…let’s think about it. A custom manufactured window, with framing, glass, locks, weatherstripping and strength reinforcing costs money to produce. It’s takes money to create all the raw materials. It takes money to pay the workers who assemble it. It takes money to ship it from the factory to your home.

And then…a window company has to pay an installer to remove your old windows, and install the new windows in a quality fashion. Often complete with insulation and exterior trimmings.

Now I ask you…how is a company to do this for $189. Answer: They can’t.

The fact is…if they sell a window for $189…the LOSE, BIG TIME. And if they lose money…do you really think you’re going to receive great customer service, during and after the sale?

What happens when you have a problem down the road? With $189 window companies, installation issues are rampant. Why? Because they’ve paid the installer next to NOTHING to install your windows. At $189, they don’t have the money to pay a decent rate for a quality professional.

LIE may sound like a strong word, but I personally believe that if you have no intent or desire to actually sell a window for $189…then advertising one is basically a LIE.

Quality Replacement Windows cost more than $189. You deserve a product that is engineered to last a lifetime, installed by professionals that are building a great business. One that will be around for years to come…and be there if you need them.

We would be honored to provide you with a no-games cost estimate today.